Dandy | Founder & Podcast Host

Dandy, a 25 year old cis queer woman from the Inland Empire in Southern California, is the creator and host of the podcast #DoTell. #DoTell originated from a place of pain but was birthed from a process of healing. Dandy grew up in the Southern Baptist church where she was active in numerous ministries, but as she came of age she began to question her sexuality, along with her relationship to this community and its philosophy.

She understood the risks of living openly as a queer person – conditional and revocable love from family and friends, and powerful stigma attached to her romantic choices. She was desperate to carve out a liberating space of healing, love, and acceptance, and hence #DoTell was created. Dandy has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, and is currently working towards a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology, where she hopes to serve the LGBT community in the mental health field. Dandy aspires to expand her podcast through live shows and speaking engagements at higher learning institutions.


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#DoTell Podcast Team



Sergio Santamaria | Director of Videography

Sergio Santamaria, also known as O-Matic, is a photographer and videographer who resides in San Diego, California. He first started cultivating his creative talents in 2010 when he began exploring photography. In 2011 he wanted to expand his scope and became curious about videography. Sergio has experience in producing promotional content, YouTube style web series, compilation reels, and most recently, short documentaries. Sergio is most fulfilled when he is collaborating on projects that convey and capture meaningful stories that bring about positive social change.




Jessica Cabrera | Director of Finance

Jessica Cabrera is a PhD candidate of Sociology with a focus on gender, sexuality, and the law. She is originally from South Florida and went to college in North Carolina. She followed her dreams to become a sociologist out to Southern California, where she met and fell in love with Dandy. Jessica uses her grant writing skills as an academic to help support and grow the podcast. Her hall closet is the home of the podcast recording studio, and she is proud to be a part of the #DoTell team.




Destiny Thomas | Senior Web Developer 

Destiny Thomas is a freelance writer and website designer living in Atlanta, GA. She specializes in creating online spaces that reflect the vision, aesthetic, and overall mission of the companies and brands that she works with. Her passion and keen eye for detail showcases throughout her work. She takes pride in bringing the imagination of her clients to life through art and digital design which led her to create a company of her own Taj Web Design & Co. which will be launching soon.