As someone who is a regular listener and as someone who has been a speaker on this podcast, I can’t help but praise this incredible platform! As a listener it’s been really profound hearing the narratives of so many other queer trans people of color. It’s so rare hearing a podcast from the perspective of QTPOC and all the content be centered around QTPOC identified folx. As a speaker, it’s been such an amazing experience sharing my story and being heard. There’s something really special about how Dandy speaks and engages with their listeners and speakers. Do yourself a favor and give this podcast a good listen. It’s life changing!
— Ellie Gaustria
#DoTell is not only a source of vital information but a platform for US. When I say US, I am talking about queer people of color. I have been blessed to see Dandy’s tenacity from the very beginning. This has been a passion project for her and one that I am passionate to help with in any way. From being one of the first guests to helping behind the scenes, I love you Dandy. Thank you for being a voice for the people. OUR people and helping others to understand us. Keep being a light.
— Grayson Bell
Dandy is phenomenal! One of the many ways she is absolutely amazing is her ability to promote mental health and awareness. I asked her to speak to two classes of college students about career and life planning. In her hour talk Dandy managed to do a mindfulness activity, inspire my students, and give them wonderful advice about managing their time in healthy and advantageous ways. A few of my students even followed up with her after the presentation for some mentorship. It has been amazing knowing Dandy and I am truly grateful for the work she has done, is doing, and will continue to do in the future.
— Jesmond Fair
Dandy is such an amazing friend and leader. She has a big heart and enjoys helping those of her community. Having the pleasure of personally working with her has been beautiful. I am so proud of all that she is and all that she creates.
— Destiny Thomas